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I want to thank you so much for bringing back to life, the old tape I had made back in December of 1967, while in Vietnam as a Marine.

My mind was flooded with memories as I heard my voice on the CD. Some of the memories were good and some were not so good, but all so necessary. That was quite a touch putting the Vietnam war picture on the cover of the CD and I really did appreciate it.

You are truly a real professional, and obviously a caring human being. If I can ever refer you any business, I will be certain to do so. Thank you again for what you did for this old Marine. Michael Neil

Got home today at noon and our 50 year old LP recording and the two beautifully labeled CD's with the sounds transferred to them were at my gate. I had the new CD in my computer in 10 minutes and was amazed at the clear sound. THANK YOU! 

You did great work at a very reasonable price and I can't tell you how surprised and happy I was with the 1 day turn around...I will be posting your web site at every opportunity I find...Thanks again for your professionalism. You made our day...Don and Roberta

Hey thank you so much for the CD's and restoration of tapes! You did a great Job and my CD's are even perdy! I was so surprised! I expected just plain 'ol silver CD's! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love your work, so you have a great day and I will pass the word out! Thanks again! Vicky

I received the tape and CD's yesterday.  Thank you very much. Their great! I will refer you to others that have a need. Anna

Mark - I wanted to let you know I'm in receipt of my repaired cassette from 1978 and CD copy.  I received them in yesterday's mail. Thank you very much for fixing my cassette.  I certainly appreciate it!!!  Kathy Allison

The package with the 3 CD's of the "kids" arrived safely yesterday.  I listened last night.  It is so much better than the others and you also cut off the piano off just where I wanted!  Thank you! Betty

I just got a cassette you guys repaired and transferred, this silly little punk/new wave sampler I haven't seen or heard in at least 25 years. You somehow got it to sound excellent, I have to get you more. Thank you!!!!  Michael

Got the 2 disk set today... just great. You beat me to the idea... thanks! And that was to put that Texas Mavericks poster on the CD... I had seen it on some web site maybe as you did. I think Alvin Crow still goes out as the Texas Mavericks sometimes.  Bob

Wow!  I'm so glad you got the package okay and I can't believe how fast you got it finished.  I'm so glad I was able to get this put on a CD that way it will last him for a long time.  Judy

The CDs arrived today.  Thank you very much for your work on this and also for turning it around so quickly. The CDs sound great and I know that my family will be thrilled to have these recordings.  Amie

Have received CD and tape.  I want to thank you as this was a very special tape for my daughter.  I will pass on the web site of yours and let people know what a good job done.  Thank you again.   Judy

I got the CDs.  They sound great!  thanks so much. Steve

Thank you so much for the CD and tape repair.  The content is invaluable to me and my family.  I listened to it last night and it was great.   Jeannine

The tape and CD just arrived, all in good order.  We are delighted with the results.  Thanks.


Mark, Thanks for all you've done. When I listened to the CD. It brought back fond memories. The recording was a radio broad cast in Nome From Kotzebue Alaska. The radio was small that's why the buzzing sound was there. Sorry for the trouble. Thank You again. Dan.

Hey, thanks a lot.  The microcassette made it back and I was able to recover all of my recordings. You've saved me a lot of time and money.  I will be sure to refer anyone else doing research using microcassettes to you!


Thank you so much for the excellent work.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Listen, if you are looking for more work and have some extra business cards, feel free to mail some to me and I will mention you (and hand out your cards) at my weekly "Le Tip" group.  It's not the standard protocol for the group but I know there are others who could make great use of the service you provide and like I said, I am really impressed.  Mike
I am thrilled!  What a spectacular job you did! What a blessing.  Thank you so much!

The Albums & Cd's arrived on Friday amid a huge snow storm. Many thanks for the restoration work on them, they sound great and the Art work is smashing!  You did a great job. From Mark Amos in Canada

I just had to take a minute to write and let you know how thrilled I was with the work you did for me!  Thank you so much!!

My sister is going to be very excited when she gets the Andrus Blackwood CD. I was just sick when the cassette tape that I'd planned to surprise her with broke but you restored it beautifully, and I just want you to know that I deeply appreciate all that you did.  Mark

I just wanted to thank you for the great work you did on the tape and transferring it to CD.  You did a great job.  I will definitely recommend you to other people if they need any audio work done. Thanks again,  David

I received the tape yesterday.  It's in excellent shape.  You did a great job at a very reasonable price, and we're glad we found you on the web.  Thank you very much!  Jim

Your package arrived and I wanted you to know how happy I am with the contents. You have taken all of the noise from this worn, broken, 50-year-old cassette tape, and made a wonderful CD out of it!  It is so grand to hear my Mother and Father again and many other members of my family! I also appreciated your promptness.  I will be sending you more tapes in the future to transfer to CDs. Best Regards, Betty

Thank you Mark, the CD arrived today (Monday)! It was so nice to hear my Mama again. I really appreciate how fast you handled all this. If I come across anyone needing anything like this, I will be sure to send them to you. It sounds great. Thank you again, Julia

I received the records and CDs safely and I'm very pleased with the finished product. Thanks very much for your very fine help. Dick

I thought you did an amazing job of editing out tape hiss and machine hum and other noises. I remember now that those smallest tapes did have a lot of hum...and thank you for editing out the trombone stuff on the one tape. You are a champ! Wanted to ask you if there is any way I could tell by looking at the tapes I have between '75 and '85 if they are the kind you would have problems with. That would help me go through the other tapes I have before sending them to you. Thanks - Mary

I received the box with the music CD's on Friday afternoon, 08/04/06.  Considering the state of the tapes, the sound quality of the CD's is very good - in fact, the sound is better than when I purchased the tapes many years ago.  You made a good selection for the CD labels. Thanks for a good job and the quick completion. Myself and a bottle of old wine listened to a selection of the music last night. Cecil

I received the CD yesterday.  The CD label is just perfect!  The piano looks like my father's. To hear my father's voice again!  What a beautiful reminder of his love for me! Thank you so very much for restoring this precious memory. Laura

Just wanted to let you know that the CD and tape arrived yesterday.  I really appreciate the work you did with putting the message all together on the CD -- its much easier to listen to and I am relieved to listen to the recording without worrying about the tape breaking and knowing that in a worst case scenario I have the tape as a back up.  Thank you for taking such good care of something that is truly irreplaceable.  Ellen

Thanks so much, my mom was thrilled about the gift idea, I'm sure she'll love the finished product: Katherine

Just wanted to let you know your package arrived. Thank you so much for all you did. Some of those recordings I have not heard since they were made and expected never to hear again!  It's so interesting to be able to hear how immature my voice sounded as a college freshman and how I gradually learned to sing right (probably not interesting to anybody but me or a voice teacher...) I will treasure these CD's, and am planning to send you some more tapes, much more recent, in a few weeks. Mary

Got the CDs yesterday and they're awesome. Great job! Thanks, Cristian

THANK YOU so much for "rescuing" my favorite kindergarten songs.  I know my students will enjoy the songs in the years to come. It was a pleasure to do business with your company. Thanks again, Denise

You have made my day! It is a tape of me talking to my parents 28 years ago about my pregnancy while I was with the Army in South Korea, I had a great son then I always threatened to tattoo the baby with "made in Korea"! He is a wonderful man and will be coming to visit in 2 weeks, it seems if I get this on the way in the morning, I should have it back it time for him to come home for his class reunion. Patricia

Thanks a million, I got your package and you did excellent work. Only a very few slight imperfections that are really in the tape itself. Regards, Mark

Received the tapes yesterday.  Two are perfect, the other is like you said. But you did your best. I have already advertised your ability with a couple of friends.  I hope you get more business. While I hope not to have many bad cassettes, if I do I will surely contact you. Thanks again. Lina

I received the CDs and they are great. Considering what you had to work with, you did a marvelous job. RoseMarie

I received the CD's.  They are wonderful.  Thanks for the excellent work and quick turn-around. Sheila

I just wanted to let you know I received my album and CD today. Sounds great!!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs this done! Also I will keep you book marked for future projects. Thanks again!! Melissa

I got the CD yesterday and listened to it right away.  You did a great job!  Thank you so much for recording it so soon and returning it to me so quickly.  If ever I know of anyone who needs to have music transferred from a record to a CD, I will definitely give them your name.

Thanks again! Susan

We received the CD & Tapes yesterday. They were Great! Thank you so much...Bruce was excited to hear his Uncle, Grandmother, Aunt and cousins....It is always nice to see a smile on someone's face. Thanks again. Robin

Thank you so much!  I got the CDs etc when I got home last night.  I listened to it on my way in to school today and it was incredible!!  Thank you so much! Betsi
I received my album and the CD you did for me.  I'm very pleased with the work you did and will keep you in mind for any other projects I have! Thank You Very Much, Randy

Mark, Kevin got the CD last week.  It is a treasure!  Thanks for your help! Susan

Thank you Mark, the CD arrived today. It was so nice to hear my Mama again. I really appreciate how fast you handled all this. If I come across anyone needing anything like this, I will be sure to send them to you. It sounds great. Thank you again, Julia

Hi Mark, I received the records and CDs safely and I'm very pleased with the finished product. Thanks very much for your very fine help. Dick

I finally had some time to review the CDs, they sound great!  Can we maybe proceed by groups of 10?  Danny

Mark, the package arrived today. The old discs were intact. The new CDs sound incredible. The CDs will be on their way to England, Italy, Israel, Germany and even to Long Island NY tomorrow! Working with Audio Restorations was a delight and I am very grateful that I found you. All the best and thank you again. Jan

Hi Mark - I'm really happy with the CD and impressed by the quick turn around.  Thanks very much, I thought the tape was ruined. James

Quick service and quick delivery. The tape is great. I don't know what the original quality sounded like but I'm certain this must be an improvement and now it's available for anyone who might choose to listen to it. Thanks again,  Suzanne

I found the quality, cost and speed of your service to be excellent. I searched all over for years trying to find a new copy of this album without success.  Audio-Restorations has saved the day. Leonard
  It is really nice to have our old records back on CD's. Thank you for a super job.   We are extremely pleased. Will


Just got the CD's. Unbelievable! I've listen to both of them twice and think you did an excellent job. Much more than I expected. Ken


It's great to be able to play some of my old favorites in the car! Great service. Don


Your service , prices and products are outstanding. We looked at quite a few companies before settling on Audio-Restorations. We have not been disappointed. Thank you so much.
The Williams Family

  What you guys did in retrieving and enhancing the sound from my old records is amazing.  The clarity produce from my old records is way more than I expected. Also, your service and communication throughout the process was very much appreciated. Doug
  Doing business with your company was a pleasure.  Everything from the shipping packages, CD labels, to the sound quality was great! I would certainly recommend your company to anyone wanting to convert their records over to CD's. Joseph

  We were thrilled with the results. Our record was from the early 60's and was poor condition. The CD is clear and we feel it was money well spent. The customer service was outstanding. Martha

  I can not believe not only what you did, but how fast you did it. You made the transfer to CD SOUND great. I was a bit leery sending out record to anyone, but now I will have no problem not only trusting you with anything I send, but highly recommending you to anyone I meet. Thanks so much.
Steve and Betty

  Extremely wonderful in every respects. We are thrilled with the results of this damaged, 40 year old recording. We really appreciated your contact with us throughout the process. Mike

  I was very pleased with the quality of the sound on the CD. Every contact with the company was professional, positive and pleasant. I highly recommend your valuable service to others.
Rick Gregori

  Everything was as advertised and the communication during the process was exceptional.


The CDs are absolutely great. I listened to every one of the 5 already. What fun and a joy to have my old favorites to hear again. I'm going to box up some more LPs and send them to you to convert. You've done a much better job than I expected. Thanks again! Theresa



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