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How It's Done



  1. Recordings are first inventoried and then added to our database and your record. Each recording is visually inspected to make sure there are no physical problems.
  2. Records are first hand cleaned and then go through our custom cleaning machine. The machine will clean out the gunk and dirt in the grooves and vacuum it from the surface. This process greatly reduces the pops and clicks associated with old records.
  3. A short segment is played to check play back level. Once that is set, the transfer to computer will begin .Upon completion, the tracks will be normalized (brought up to commercial volume level). We will also apply a filters to reduce the surface noise, pops and clicks.
  4. Next, the transfer will be indexed so you can jump from one song to another on your CD player.
  5. Then we slow burn the tracks to CD in the format you requested. We use a slow burn so that there is no skipping of tracks that can occur when burned at high speed.
  6. The resulting CD is then labeled and placed in a jewel case.
  7. Last of all, your records and new CD's are boxed up, ready to be shipped back to you. That's it!  

How to Order Transfers