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Cassette, Microcassette & DAT Tape Repairs

Have your Audio Tape repaired by a professional.  If your tape n eeds splicing, re-attaching the leader tape to the spindle or replacing the shell, Audio Restorations can make the repair for you at a reasonable price.

  • We can also transfer your Standard Cassette, Microcassette or DAT Tape to CD, Flash Drive or Hard Drive.
  • Additional copies of your CD or DVD are just $6.95.
  • Our turnaround time is generally 14-21 days from the time we receive your tape. Rush orders are available for $39 and guarantee a 48 hour turnaround



Tape Repair Pricing


Media Type


Price per Tape

Cassette Tapes


19.95 each -14.95 if more than 5 tapes

Microcassette Tapes


19.95 each -14.95 if more than 5 tapes

DAT Tapes


19.95 each -14.95 if more than 5 tapes



Flash drive

Save 5% on your project   when you have your transfers put on an external hard drive or flash drive. You can supply your own or we can provide one for you. An 8GB Flash drive runs $10. Contact us for more info.

Typical Audio Cassette Tape Problems

We can re pair most cassette problems. The most common repairs are tapes that have broken and tapes that get stuck and stop while playing back. We recommend transferring the repaired cassette to digital format as the tape will most likely break again.

We were able to repair all the examples below


Broken tape 

Melted on a car dashboard

The dog ate my tape!

Burned in a house fire

Run over by a car

You tried to repair it yourself !!!!


How to Order Your Repairs